Virtual Storytelling & Simulations

Dreamscape Global specializes in designing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for the enterprise, including architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), smart sustainable cities, cultural district revitalization, shopping, local climate projects, and healthy cities, based on our VR projects since 2016.

We design real-world enterprise use cases and business models, which our partners build. To challenge people’s imagination and creativity, we publish sci-fi novels exploring potential applications using VR gaming engines since they enable you to simulate anything you can imagine. The coming Metaverse requires imagination, design simulations and storytelling to show people how it can be used for practical, everyday activities.

Our Enterprise Projects, a Dutch company launched by European doctors where I’m CSO, has provided an AI avatar for personalized consultations with real doctors since 2017. We just launched the world’s first medical data NFT marketplace and our virtual Healthy Cities white label platform using the Unreal 5.0 Engine, which is being adopted by hospitals in Lausanne, Tokyo and a dozen other cities in 2022. Our clients are hospitals, healthcare insurers, medical equipment suppliers, clinics, and communities. We are developing practical VR use cases for medical education and training, virtual surgery, and preventive healthcare via mental health, sports, music, nutrition and the arts. (Boston) will launch its climate project fundraising platform where artists can host fundraising events for local climate projects. Our partner,, is working with indigenous tribes in Costa Rica to raise funding for its watershed, forest preservation, and ecovillage training for outsiders who want to learn about indigenous best practices. We have other climate projects in our launch later this year.

We are advising teams in Greece and Africa that are launching ecovillages.

Our Publications

We publish business books and sci-fi novels. Our new book “The Gaiapolis Strategy”, provides an 8-year roadmap for urban decarbonization so cities, towns and bioregions can achieve their UN Special Development Goals (SDG) by 2030. See:

Science fiction is the key to the future! My ten novels in the “Virtually San Francisco” series explore how VC can be used for homeless shelter design, shopping malls, historic district preservation, Covid-19 research, STEAM education, space cities, and space/time travel into the past and future. The ideas are based on our VR use cases for Nordic sustainable cities (Copenhagen, Malmo, Lund 2070 and Stockholm) since 2016. (see our blog for summaries).

Dreamscape Global focuses on imagining and designing the future by combining VR storytelling, urban and environmental planning, and VR visualization and digital twins.

Let’s invent a better world together!

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