Media Projects

Natural Step Collaboratory, a global network of graduates of the Karlskrona University program on the Natural Step “backcasting” methodology taught by Professor Karl-Henrik Robert, will launch a climate hackathon in 2022 and are seeking short videos., Contact: JP Candiotti Bustamante:

Cosmically San Francisco“: My 10th and final novel about VR in San Francisco will feature eco-cities and virtual space travel. For the entire novel series, see my blog.

Virtually San Francisco” novel series (10 novels) on Amazon. Seeking a publisher to box the entire series and a TV series producer. See blog for novel summaries.

Virtually Blue”: My screenplay (#18) combining the stories of the first three “Virtually SF” novels exploring VR for building homeless shelters and financing them with online shopping via SF Chinatown VR time travel back to the Tang Dynasty. I provided the VR UI/UX advice for this platform for carbon markets and sustainable regional planning, which incorporates NASA, NOAA and local data. Local STEAM education and storytelling are also possible. We collaborate with and for team collaboration.

Redwood Fusion Studios: Our new team of NorCal and SoCal writers, filmmakers and financiers are planning a transmedia slate of 4 to 5 themed franchises, which will be announced soon.

The “Meraki” People (Greece): I advise Christiana Gardikioti, the founder/CEO of this startup focused on sustainable agriculture in the Mt. Parnanos region, which aims to become the World’s First Natural factory.

Yellow Pearls“: My newest screenplay about defending San Francisco’s Chinatown from hate crimes.