Dreamscape Global focuses on virtual reality (VR) storytelling through fiction, poetry, screenplays and Linkedin articles to prepare for the coming era of 3D/4D “Multiverses” reflecting our multicultural, multiracial, and transgender global society. As an urban/environmental planner and VR serial entrepreneur, my novels open in the Inferno of urban dystopias and struggle through political Purgatory to achieve ecotopian Paradise a la Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” Enjoy the ride since our futures depend on our vision and efforts!

New! “Gaiapolis” novel about climate action in San Francisco facing repeated disasters

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“Virtually San Francisco” VR novel series

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#1. Virtually San Francisco: San Francisco challenges virtual reality (VR) developers to reinvent the City. In his comedic fantasy novel, you’ll meet an international cast of creatives — a Swedish dog therapy shaman, a Japanese solar goddess, an Iranian earthquake creator, an Ohlone urban planner, a NASA satellite mapper, and others — who meet their challenge: designing a homeless shelter to please the mayor who has surprises in her back pocket. Join the ride into the virtual future!

#2. Uniquely San Francisco: In this comedy sequel, VR creators are tasked to build a virtual mall to generate revenues to finance the gold-plated homeless shelter they built in the last hackathon. All is going well, but their mall is attacked by cyber-hackers and the fun begins, with surprises at every move and countermove.

#3. Soulfully San Francisco: The mayor challenges VR developers to create Virtual Fillmore in order to memorialize the “Harlem of the West” during its postwar jazz glory years and help the City’s struggling retailers. In this sci-fi comedy, they create a call-and-response musical that attracts a billion viewers, leading to a feeding frenzy among investors seeking the next tech unicorn. But first, the developers must fight off cyber-hackers…

#4. Divinely San Francisco: In this modern retelling of Dante’s Divine Comedy, San Francisco scrambles to help rebuild East Bay communities destroyed by wildfires, which leave half a million climate refugees homeless in the streets of San Francisco. The City’s heroes deploy tent towns, cruise liners and virtual reality (VR) to organize the recovery before rainstorms hit.

#5. Virally San Francisco: The mayor challenges VR developers to create powerful graphics and experiences to save struggling retailers, artists, nonprofits and schools shut due to the City’s Covid-19 lockdown. To her surprise, they rally and create a Virtual San Francisco shopping mall featuring Chinatown history, 1940s Fillmore jazz, 1950s Beat poetry readings, 1960s Summer of Love music concerts and even virus research — until hackers threaten to shut it down. But the mayor, a former Navy pilot and computer whiz, mobilizes her allies to defeat them in an exciting cops-and-robbers face-off.

#6. Zenfully San Francisco: San Francisco’s Japantown struggles to survive during Covid-19 lockdown. Facing evictions and bankruptcies, a task force asks a VR master to save local merchants, artists and nonprofits by creating a Virtual Japantown mall and entertainment complex. To their surprise, he and a Japanese solar sculptor create a stunning Obon dance festival that attracts millions of online customers in an unforgettable tale of redemption, survival and love.

#7. Beatfully San Francisco: In a modern retelling of “La Boheme”, an ailing social marketer organizes a climate musical based on Dante’s “Paradiso” to employ her evicted artist friends but must lead them to paradise in a Virtual Paradiso after Covid-19 shuts down all public places. It is her love song and farewell to San Francisco.

#8. Fashionably San Francisco: In a San Francisco’s Chinatown faces a host of challenges — Covid-19 lockdown, anti-Asian hate crimes, failing small businesses, gentrification, evictions, and new hidden surprises. Mayor Tiffany Wong-Gonzalez, a hardcore gamer and former Navy pilot, launches a virtual reality (#VR) hackathon to save Chinatown, but her political rival, Bill Ting, unleashes a corporate-financed Virtual #China. The rivalry heats up. Can Mayor Tiffany save Chinatown with the help of her #gamer buddies?

#9. Haightfully San Francisco: San Franciso’s mayor launches Virtual Haight to celebrate the 1967 Summer of Love and reinvent it with VR/AR as the Summer of Love 2.0, where K-12 students are challenged to explore the dark and light sides of 1967 and learn their past to prevent making the same mistakes. A “Rashomon”-retelling of the Summer of Love. Coming soon!

#10. Cosmically San Francisco. San Franciso’s Mayor Tiffany-Wong Gonzalez faces a tough re-election challenge. To win voters, she launches a Virtual Mars challenge to boost K-12 STREAM (STEM + Arts for Resilience) education so students can qualify for top colleges and high-paying jobs. But her rival, Cal grad Bill Ting launches a massive Red Mars with the support of corporate spon


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