Cities as Climate Leaders

Dreamscape Global is now promoting the development of “Healthy Cities for Healthy People” due to our global need for solutions to pandemics, high energy and food prices, climate disasters, recession, and the search for new green jobs for the billions of young people coming into the workforce. Not easy tasks at all.

To assist in our global transition to a fairer, greener economy, I just published “The Gaiapolis Strategy: Designing Bionic Cities for Pandemic, Energy and Climate Resilience in the Coming Bio Renaissance”, which provides an 8-year roadmap for urban decarbonization so we can reach our 2030 climate goals. See:

What are bionic cities? They combine biomedicine, green cities, smart cities, and exponential technologies (VR/AR, AI, IoT, blockchain, NFTs, etc.), where the new green jobs are already emerging. We need holistic solutions that address our health and the planet so bionic cities will integrate the environment (macrobiology) with our bodies (microbiology) since both affect each other, as pandemics and climate changes have shown. Essentially, we need to design greener, healthier cities capable of thriving despite climate disasters.

Why now? Due to the failure of nations to address climate change, I believe citizens and local governments — cities, towns and bioregions — should take charge and become our climate leaders. It’s already happening. Here’s a list of cities:

Current #urban #climate initiatives

To help citizens and cities jumpstart and finance their climate projects, I wrote this article:

Decarbonization: How Cities Can Become Our Climate Leaders

My book is the launch of many climate actions that I’ll be promoting and supporting over the coming years. By the way, my book has a chapter about how VR/AR, AI, blockchain and other exponential technologies can accelerate local climate action.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share this article!

Sheridan, @sheridantatsuno

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