“Fashionably San Francisco” novel out! 8th novel in our “Virtually San Francisco” sci-fi comedy series

For those of you who love VR/AR for fashion, check out my latest novel, which deals with ways that SF Chinatown could use VR for surviving and thriving during Covid-19.

San Francisco’s Chinatown faces a host of challenges — Covid-19 lockdown, anti-Asian hate crimes, failing small businesses, gentrification, evictions, and new hidden surprises. Mayor Tiffany Wong-Gonzalez, a Mission High grad, hardcore gamer, former Navy pilot, and #Stanford computer science grad, wins the election by courting the Chinese community and small businesses who are counting on her for survival. She launches a virtual reality (#VR) hackathon to save Chinatown, but her political rival, Bill Ting, unleashes a massive corporate-financed Virtual #China. The rivalry heats up, involving U.S. and China cyber attacks. Can Mayor Tiffany save Chinatown with the help of her #gamer buddies? Both sides pull tricks out of their virtual pockets for a thrilling showdown.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096TW89KM/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_A74Y01D5X74EMWY0314D via @amazon

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